Dr. Tobias Bonten


Epidemioloog, huisarts in opleiding

Tobias Bonten

Dr. Tobias N. Bonten is postdoctoral researcher, general practitioner trainee and epidemiologist at Leiden University Medical Center. He graduated in Medicine at Leiden University in 2010. During his PhD (2010-2014) he specialized in cardiovascular research in primary care. His main project was aimed at the timing of aspirin administration in patients with cardiovascular disease. The results gained worldwide attention, for example in the New York Times and BBC World News and had a large impact on clinical management of patients with cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, he is a qualified clinical epidemiologist with experience in observational and interventional cardiovascular research projects. As an epidemiologist, he has experience with the design and analysis of efficient alternative methodological study designs, like cross-over- and stepped-wedge studies. Currently, he is working on several projects, including the effectiveness of blended care with eHealth for psychiatric disease in primary care and using eHealth as a tool to conduct scientific research. Within these projects he specializes in new methodology to study the effects of eHealth more efficiently and optimize scientific impact.